Anselm's nose bleed!

Hi all,

Today is the second time in a week that Anselm has nose bleed. The bleeding stops within minutes and don't seems to bother him. But it bothers us...we're worried about the cause and effect of such nose bleed.

We thought maybe it is because Anselm is 'heaty'? Any idea anyone?
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Anselm's first birthday

Here is one photo from Anselm's birthday party on the 6th of Dec.

We were really very tired during the preparation and the clear-up later. There were just too much to do.

Anyway, Anselm was pretty happy during the party as many people were there playing with him. At the same time, he is also very tired - having to 'entertain' all the guests that came to celebrate with him.

Anselm received many toys from all the aunites and uncles that came. As for us, we are still having the hang-over from the party....

Thank you for all your well wishes, hugs and kisses for Anselm. :)
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Anselm's birthday is coming...

Since Paul changed his job in October, I have been very busy…trying out new routine. I used to wait for Paul to come home to bath Anselm but nowadays he has to work very late, so everything has to be done by me alone. I am getting the hang of it now…

Paul’s job needs a car, so nowadays we have a car to travel around and that makes us very busy too and spends more money!!! ; )
But this job is not that stable and his boss is terrible and bossy! (he is the one who introduce him to the job and also his ex-colleague) Have to start looking for new 'lobang' liao...

Btw, Anselm’s birthday is tomorrow!!! This is a last minutes planning have been busy with too many things and so if you happen to be free, do drop by at Block 258 Boon Lay Drive 8th floor from 2.30pm to 6pm. Don’t worry about gift. Your presence is a gift itself…understand what I mean… ;) God bless you all

Super Baby Food book

We intend to buy this book - 'Super Baby Food' by Ruth Yaron. This is a very good book that help me to prepare meals for Anselm. I have borrowed the book from the library and found it to be good, so we decided to buy and keep a copy of it.

A company in Singapore had a promotion for this book for a 20% discount, so it will cost around $31/=
The promotion actually ended yesterday, but dh managed to convince them to extend the offer for us. So if any one of you are interested, we can buy the books together for you and you could enjoy the discount too. Let us know by this Sat. BTW, we are not making any profit from this, so please self collect the book from our home in the West.

Some photos to share

No time to write story, so just upload a small pictorial...

Anselm: "Give me a Five!"

Can't think of a caption for this one...any suggestions?

This is the result of an on-going economic crisis. (Mommy's home-made tunnel)

Anselm:"What happened to my face?"

Anselm:"Humm.humm...let's see what might taste good in here."
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A short update

This is Paul updating. It’s been quite a long while since our last update. That’s because both of us have been really busy, with me having changed job since this month. I’m now in a more stressful working environment doing sales, and my American boss had set very high quota for this year. Gone were the days when I could simply surf the web and updating LJ during office hour in my own room. Annabella have been busy forming a play group in our church, which start this Sunday. In any case, we’ll try to update our journal once in-a-while.

Back to our baby Anselm. He is now 10 months plus and is progressing pretty ok, but not fantastic though. He could now clap his hands (especially when he is excited while listening to the 'Hi-5' song), and walk slowly with the aid of furniture. Anselm could also squat and get down from the mattress and the sofa bed on his own without too much trouble. Anselm loves to walk around the house, so we had to hold his hands to allow him to do that. He would get angry if we don’t hold his hand when he raises them up for his ‘walk-walk’.

Just like to share 2 photos here, one with him clapping his hand and the other his ‘walk-walk’ session before going to church.

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Another positive feature story about Breastfeeding

Just to share with you guys that there is yet another positive publicity for Breastfeeding in Singapore. The Singapore Women's Weekly (Oct issue) features a story about breastfeeding mums. Three moms were featured: Gerry, Gwynne and me. In the article, we voiced our personal experiences about breastfeeding in public. We hope that through this article, more mothers would be influenced to make a choice to breastfeed their babies. If you have a chance to get hold of a copy of The Weekly, you could check us out on page 146 of the magazine.

Anyway, the following is one of several shots taken at the studio.


Anselm could finally crawls

Whew! Finally, our little Anselm could crawl. For the past 2 weeks, he showed signs of crawling, but his butt is just too heavy (or he was too lazy to lift it up), and he hardly make any headway. Today marks a milestone for Anselm as the date that he graduated into full scale crawling. Now, he could even crawl over our bodies, and when he reaches his destination, he would try to stand up and smiles.

Initially, we were worried that Anselm might not crawl and go straight into walking. We learn that that is not good for his development. We read from somewhere that babies must crawl before walking so as to enhance his learning ability. Whether that is true or not, it's sure a comfort to us now that he is crawling to his heart's content.

Thanks for all your well wishes

To all you nice friends out there, we say "Thank you for all your get-well wishes and concerns". It is really great to know all of you and it is wonderful what this virtual community can do to provide such emotional support. We are comforted and encouraged by all your comments and suggestions. Keep them coming.

Anyway, Anselm's fever has gone down but his forehead is still quite warm. For most part of today, he was his normal self, but in the last few hours he was quite cranky. We really didn't know what he wanted when he kept making noise. When we put him on the floor, he wanted to stand up - then we realised that he still wanted to play. Anselm was happier when we allowed him to stand while holding on to his small table. The following pic was how he looked just about an hour ago.

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Having a fever

Anselm is having a fever today :(

This is the first time that he is having a fever for no reason - and that made us nervous. His fever started at about mid-day today, and his temp went between 37.7 to 38.4. I gave him half a tablet of baby panadol and put wet towel on his head and neck. Also called hubby, and he said to monitor his temp regularly after taking such measure, and he will try to come back early. Poor Anselm is just not his normal self, and is not as active. He's also being drinking bm almost non-stop from 4 pm till about 6.30 pm when hubby came home.

When hubby touched Anselm's forehead, he felt that Anselm is really having a high fever, and decided to see a baby doctor as soon as possible. So, we went to a paed at Jurong Point (so glad that the clinic opens in the evening from 7 to 9), and the lady doc said that Anselm probably caught a virus that is affecting quite a number of babies that she has seen. His temp was 38.5 but she said Anselm looks quite alright at the moment, so no big cause for concern. However, she also said that the virus is quite potent and Anselm could progress to having running nose and 'Lau Sai'. Just a moment ago, he had taken his medication and is alseep. Let's hope Anselm will be well tomorrow. In the meantime, we hope you guys should be careful about taking your baby to crowded places, since the doc said that the bug is in the air. So please take care.
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